We have been doing Australian Visas for more than a decade now. Our principal agent Mr. Sam Lotfollahi has been involved with Australian Immigration for more than 15 years and the first visa lodged was his own family’s skilled visa back in 1995. We have lodged more than 400 submissions to the department of home affairs and citizenship of which more than 90% has been successful.

Providing our clients vivid and honest information about chances and challenges ahead so that they can make the best decision possible

Our Vison​​​​​​​

Our Process​​​​​​​

We have a clear process which covers A to Z of what has to be done for a successful business visa application. Here is the flowchart and the process which we utilize to make sure the outcome of all our applications is the best possible outcome.

Our Goal​​​​​​​

In today’s world, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and successful small to medium businesses are a vital part of any thriving community. Our goal is to make sure there is a diverse range of experiences, cultures and potential markets from all around the globe operating in Australia benefiting both the host and origin nations.