How long does it take to process a Partnership visa in Australia?

According to the Department of Home Affairs,  Global visa processing times are updated monthly to estimate applicants' processing time.

Individual factors, such as: whether or not applicants have submitted their applications with all the supporting papers or not, the amount of data that has been presented, and consequently the time is taken to check the presented evidence, will influence the time an application needs to be processed.

Partnership visas are costly to apply for and time-consuming to grant, so you should utilize an adequate amount of time to make sure you've submitted all of the information required to have your application approved.

Alternatively, partner visas may be referred to as a "spouse visa" or "de facto visa," and they are classified as: Subclass 309 – Partner (Provisional) Visa; Subclass 100 – Partner (Migrant) Visa; Subclass 820 – Partner Visa (Temporary); Subclass 801 – Partner Visa (Permanent); Subclass 300 – Prospective Marriage Visa.

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