prospective marriage visa

The procedure for obtaining a prospective marriage visa is divided into three stages; Firstly, Granting visa subclass 300; Secondly, applying for an Onshore Partner Visa subclass 820; Thirdly, applying two years from the date of the 820 application for an onshore partner visa subclass 801.

Within the visa's 9-month validity term of granting visa subclass 300, you may visit Australia to marry your intending Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen fiancé. 

It's crucial to remember that DOHA ensures that your visa application complies with Australia's strict immigration requirements. Thus, in addition to your love story, You and your fiancé must also be at least 18 years old, meet in person, are intimately acquainted with each other, and can marry within nine months (15 months) after receiving your visa and desire to live together as a married pair. Moreover, you should present all DOHA's requested documents and meet the Australian Medical and Character requirements.

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