The 2021 Australian Census


Australia with Communities that are culturally and linguistically varied

The Census gives a glimpse of Australia's cultural and linguistic diversity. Australia has a diverse range of cultural origins and traditions, with the number of individuals born abroad continuing to rise.

The percentage of Australian inhabitants born abroad (first generation) or with a parent born overseas (second generation) has surpassed 50%. (51.5 percent).

According to the chart, 29.3 percent of Australians were born abroad, 22.2 percent of Australian-born persons had one or both parents born overseas, and 48.5 percent of Australian-born people had both parents born overseas.

The top five most often reported ancestries in the 2021 Census maintained previous patterns, with English accounting for 33.0 percent, Australian accounting for 29.9 percent, Irish accounting for 9.5 percent, Scottish accounting for 8.6 percent, and Chinese accounting for 5.5 percent.

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